Why Choose us?


  • While other similar companies charge by the minute, we charge a flat rate by the session. So instead of constantly watching the clock, you can focus on your session and not have to worry about the bill, because you already know what it is before you even start.


  • Other companies charge 1.99 to 3.99 per minute for their services. That’s at least $100 per hour (compared to our 49.99 for 1 hour). For example, a 4 hour session with them would cost $500 at their discounted rate. Our 4 hour sessions are 149.99.

Free Materials

  • We are the ONLY service that offers a Free Pro Tools Sample Session, a Free Extensive PDF guide of ALL Pro Tools Shortcuts, and a Free Diagnostic of your system so that you can prevent any problems before they happen.

Friendly Service

  • Our Pro Tools Instructors are courteous and friendly. We call 10 minutes in advance to ensure you are all setup for your session to make sure you get the most out of every minute.


  • Believe us, we are the experts. If there is an issue with your system that we cannot assist with, we will give you an extra session free of charge.

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