Music Production Course

Music Production Course:

This course is designed for the user who wants to learn all aspects of Music Production. It combines aspects of all the courses offered from the, with the user, upon completion, receiving a certificate of completion and certification in Pro Tools after testing. Whether you are a new user, or a seasoned veteran, you will not walk away from this course without the knowledge you have desired to learn. This course evolves with the students prior knowledge and experience in mind! No need to sit in a classroom having to hear, in a group setting, a great deal of information you already know! If you are a new user, it begins with a Crash Course in Pro Tools, where you don’t have to feel rushed through simple topics, it then moves its way into every aspect of Pro Tools. If you have used the program and understand the basics, this course moves immediately into advanced concepts such as elastic audio, chaining plug-ins, acoustics, advanced microphone setup and recording techniques. One of the best elements of this class (which we hear from former students) is rather than having to learn concepts in a group setting on preset songs, the user gets to record and use their own material throughout the course, as they create it, for testing purposes!

The student gets to walk away from this course with professional material which they have created! Every user will finish this all encompassing class knowing how to:

  • · Use Pro Tools to record, edit, mix, and master
    · All basic functions and features of Pro Tools ( If one is a new user, or needs to brush up on certain areas) such as:
    Ø Getting to know Pro Tools (Signal Flow and the Conceptual and Technical side of Digital Audio)
    Ø Creating a Pro Tools session
    Ø Making an audio and MIDI recording
    Ø Importing media from various sources
    Ø Selecting and navigating
    Ø Pro Tools System Configurations
    Ø Pro Tools File Structure
    Ø Recording & Managing Audio
    Advanced features of Pro Tools such as:
    Ø Source considerations
    Ø Acoustics: Analyzing your surroundings for Maximum effect
    Ø Preamps: Common and advanced settings and usage
    Ø Auxiliary track usage and importance
    Ø Common signal routing schemes
    Ø Altering sonic characteristics/effects by chaining plug-ins
    Fundamental to Advanced usage of EQ, Compression, Reverb, Effects, and advanced processing
    ****Style specific mixing and mastering, covering the rock, rap, hip hop, acoustic, metal, country and many more genres to get “the” sound you are after!

Total Producers Course


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