One on One Pro Tools Help and Training from your studio or home

Call (707) 494 1285 to speak directly with a Pro Tools Expert 

We offer Pro Tools instruction and technical support over the phone. While linked to your computer through Screen Sharing, we can walk you through Pro Tools while highlighting and drawing on your screen, and using an arrow to point to the faders and knobs in Pro Tools, all while sharing your screen as you speak with an Instructor. We can also remotely control your Pro Tools system just as if we were sitting right next to you!

Our Pro Tools Instructors can remotely control your Pro Tools System, saving plug-in presets and sessions so you can go back later and review what we did!

During your session, you can choose to learn everything from basic Pro Tools usage, to recording and mixing techniques, to Midi sequencing . . . or we can just troubleshoot any problems you are having with your Pro Tools System.

You DO NOT need to download a big software bundle to use our services. It takes less than 60 seconds to connect your computer with a Pro Tools Instructor.

Want to learn how to use Pro Tools . . . ?

How about:

  • Pro Tools recording

  • Pro Tools mixing

  • Pro Tools shortcuts

  • Pro Tools tips

We can provide Pro Tools Support and help with ALL Pro Tools Interfaces including . . .

  • Pro Tools HD

  • Pro Tools LE

  • Pro Tools M-Powered

  • Digidesign 002

  • Digidesign 003

  • Mbox

  • Mbox 2

  • Mbox Pro

  • Mbox mini

If you have a home recording studio and you need help with your Pro Tools Software . . . then there is no faster way than One on One instruction from an Instructor.

Whether your recording music, making beats, producing, miking drums, miking guitars, editing, or any thing else . . . we can help you.

Consider our services.

To learn how to book a session, Click Here.

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